The difference between telling a lie and being dishonest may seem clear to some, for the rest of us it is clear.   There are few things as troubling as those assholes who believe themselves.  Worse still are those misbegotten souls who believe we believe them. Subterfuge and guile gave us mischief.  Bullshit gave us […]

You may already know this, but Young and Restless, my home away from home, where I am allowed to rant off about sex, relationships, dating, and private parts, is holding a wicked awesome launch party in conjunction with the lovely and professionally talented launch of She Wears the Pants.

We got to rock out this past Saturday night with our lady friends over at SheDoesTheCity.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Shop Wanderlust, they are the hottest online shop launching December 1st, and will be carrying a dizzying selection of fantastic pieces.

Click here to read last week’s edition of She Says, He Says – Part 6. And here is this week’s continuance… “You can’t refuse my proposal. First, the wine store and a shower for you Rainbow Brite”, offered Henry.

Some of our favourite ladies in this city are throwing a party tomorrow at one of our top downtwon venues. Our peeps at are putting on a dirty, sexy, classic rock party called #STAYGOLDEN at The Gladstone Hotel, and you’re all invited.


Everything is moving too fast. It’s all shifting at an alarming rate. It’s mind blowing. I want the ability to slow down time. Slow it right down so I can experience every smile, every adventure, every instance of life altering moments.