I Want …

Everything is moving too fast. It’s all shifting at an alarming rate. It’s mind blowing.

I want the ability to slow down time. Slow it right down so I can experience every smile, every adventure, every instance of life altering moments.

I want my parents to know how sorry I am for being the little shit I was from 15-20 and how much I appreciate their patience through it all.

I want my friends to know how much they mean to me. It almost feels like as much as I say it, they won’t get it. They’re my rock, my supporters and my family. Love you dudes.

I want to feel like a kid again. I want that giddiness you get from the being a kid. That lust for life.

I want to throw on a cape like I used to and think that I could take on the entire world at the tender age of 5.



I don’t want these expectations any more.  Expectations of success through the eyes of others. Why can’t I have my own version of success?

I want to run outside when’s it’s pouring out, look up and just dance around without anyone thinking I’m nuts.

I want to talk to the old me. Tell him to take it slow and to enjoy it all.

I want all my friends to live in one big shoe house like in that fairy tale.

I want “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder to be playing every time I enter a party or club. I mean, how cool would that be?

I want an endless supply of sushi. Sushi for miles and miles. But I’m not greedy, I’ll share.

I want a money solely for travelling. Not for materialistic needs, purely for experiences. Essentially a suga momma who is also a travel agent.

I want to walk the earth for a year. No particular plan or agenda. A “bad motherfucker” like Samuel in Pulp Fiction.

I don’t want life to be easier but definitely clearer. There’s too many what ifs. I don’t like what ifs.

I want to give a handshake and smile to anyone I’ve ever had a problem with.

I want sex or “hooking up” to be less awkward and less of a big deal.

I want our seasons in the following way: 4 months of Summer, 4 months of Spring, 3 months of Fall and 1 month of Winter.

I want a national holiday called “Good Times” day where the government gives everyone 50 bucks to spend freely to encourage living.

I want to photograph every single party and the people in them.

At the same time, I want to photograph every woman with a story. Men have stories, good ones, but I tend to appreciate the struggle from females more.

I want to feel like a million bucks everyday. I’ll settle to feel like 500K once in a while but the goal is a cool million bones.

I want to personally know every person I walk by so I can address them by their name and we can share a laugh.

I don’t want to see people come and go around me.

I want to forget but I want to remember. Maybe I’m just being selfish here, but hey, this is what I want.

I want to go into space.

I want to be 24 forever.

I want to be satisfied.

You know what I want the most? I want a new view on life. I’m sick of the one I’ve been lugging around for years. It’s outdated and no longer applies.

Tomorrow a new list will replace this one. Some will be missing, some will be added. Some won’t matter any more.

“Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? ”


What do YOU think?

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