She Says, He Says – Part 7

Click here to read last week’s edition of She Says, He Says – Part 6. And here is this week’s continuance…

“You can’t refuse my proposal. First, the wine store and a shower for you Rainbow Brite”, offered Henry.

Clifton and the paintball posse stood oddly throughout Henry’s pigpen of a penthouse, positioning themselves where they could see the ground amongst fast food wrappers, empty bottles, issues of National Geographic and Small Town Sluts. No place for children, at that.

“Here’s a towel,” Henry pointed to the bathroom. Clifton played Hop Scotch with what floor he could see.

“Boys, wine?”, Henry inappropriately asked the 12 year olds.

“No thank-you.”

“No thanks.”

“Sir we run a sober ship. Plus we’re kids.”


Over the next 3 hours, as the group deliberated on what to do, Henry smoked four packs of cigarettes, drank six magnums of red wine and put a cucumber facial on, which he was wiping off now.

“Ssshhhoooo. That’s the plan. Pickle me tick! I’m a genius!”

“Achhooo! Well then, lets get on with it, the next free play at Tribeca starts in less then an hour, and I’d like to get this over with”, said Clifton through his teeth.

They all headed towards the door and as Clifton annoyingly kicked all the garbage aside his eye latched onto something that shot him back to his childhood days.

His mother’s favourite rug. This could be a game changer.


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  1. Whooot!

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