ShopKeep: Suzy and Whitney (Shop Wanderlust)

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Shop Wanderlust, they are the hottest online shop launching December 1st, and will be carrying a dizzying selection of fantastic pieces. Run by two friends with tons of experience in the industry you can bet that the launch will not disappoint. These girls are so damn busy setting up it took almost a month for them to get all of the answers back to us. But we forgive them, because the result was worth it. Enjoy!

1. Identify yourself. 

Suzy Yahya and Whitney Thorne
2. Identify your place of business. (name, idea of stock etc)

Shop Wanderlust Toronto – an online retail store for the daring & bold!

3. What was your previous experience in the industry? 

We are both currently working as account representatives in the fashion wholesale industry with a combined 12 years of experience in corporate, vintage and retail fashion backgrounds.

4. If you didn’t name your shop what you did, what were the other options?

Originally, we wanted to use The Yellow Door for our retail location as a metaphor for walking into a shopping environment that was more of an experience. Although our name has changed, our concept remains the same. Wild, chic, and zany aesthetics of fashion.
5. What inspires you?

We each have our own muses that inspire us.

Whitney – I am a big fan of Solange Knowles fashion style.
Suzy – My inspiration comes from freelance Russian fashion editor Miroslava Duma as well as Toronto street style.

6. Who is your hero?

Jeanne Becker. As a pioneer in the fashion industry, we really look up to her. As a fellow Canadian, Jeanne has achieved world-wide success, something we hope to one day accomplish!

7. Fave nearby restos/bars?

Whitney-LeVack Block on Ossington is a really cool place. In the front space, it’s got the vibe of New York City with the chill, laid back underground hiphop feel for the folks who like to just lean back and have a drink. Heading to the back of the bar, you will find a gritty, funky house party jam. Kinda like the house parties you know you throw when your parents are out of town.
Suzy-The Beaver is a really great bar on Queen West with weekly party events that can get wild and sweaty. They also serve food during the day – but I personally have never been there to lunch.
8. If you could pick a partner in crime (real or fictional) who would it be?

Whitney – Probably Kid Cudi. I feel like that kid would take me on some interesting adventures
Suzy – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. No explanation needed.

9. Fave song to put on when opening for the day?
Our store is online and we just finished our first photoshoot listening to a whole mix of songs from the 90s era to The Weekend.

10. Favourite outfit to wear to work?

Whitney- I am obsessed with menswear and just picked up this new Dr. Denim olive green knit with suede contrast forest green shoulder and elbow patches. I wear them with my colored denim and biker boots.
Suzy – I love my printed silk high waited shorts worn with my fuzzy cropped sweater which I bought from Charlie Boutique (on Queen West).

11. Favourite item(s) in the store right now?

Whitney- My favorite piece in the store right now is the Wren top – I love how they mixed the peplum with the sweetheart neckline and added long sheer sleeves. I am totally obsessed with peplum!
Suzy – I am really into the Wade skirt. This is a piece you can dress up with a sequined top or dress down with a baggy white tee and boots.

12. If you could describe your store as a person, how would you do so?

She’s the chick that everyone wants to kick it with – flirty and cheeky. She never leaves her house without turning heads. A natural beauty, unafraid to take risks and stand out. She has fun with fashion because it makes her feel good!

13. Any big changes coming to your store soon?


14. When are you open? 


15. How can people get in touch with you?

Email –
Twitter @wndrlst_toronto
Facebook – Shop Wanderlust
Tumblr – Wanderlusttoronto


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