Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: My First Time

You may already know this, but Young and Restless, my home away from home, where I am allowed to rant off about sex, relationships, dating, and private parts, is holding a wicked awesome launch party in conjunction with the lovely and professionally talented launch of She Wears the Pants.Hosts Mica Le J and Lindsey Cepek are ready to wow and entertain us with their entertainment knowledge and savvy.

Aptly named, My First Time, and DJ’d by Plan B (heh heh heh) the party is sponsored by Brasilazy, Belvedere and my wonderful friends at Durex. Get ready for comfy bean bag chairs, luxurious vodka and savvy sexual know how. If you get there early enough, you’ll get an awesome Durex goodie bag for your sexual exploration pleasure (you’re welcome).

So check out the Facebook link here for more details and come hang out with me and the ladies from the newest and greatest series of events to hit Toronto, Dirty Girl Diaries official Twitter hashtag: #DGDLaunch.

In celebration of this amazing new journey, I will now tell you the story of:

My First Time

I lost my virginity at 17. Sure, there is a story from before that, but it doesn’t count (I feel like a lot of us have times that “don’t count” and only other girls understand and accept those times as non-existent memories that should be avoided at all costs). There was this boy, he was 19 or 20, I don’t remember, and he was my boyfriend. I could not imagine being with anyone else, EVER, because, he was so perfect with his blonde hair, blue eyes, cute bod and ability to show up at my house in the middle of the night riding his skateboard and wearing a suit. We laughed a lot, played with paint ball guns, messed around with car engines and bicycles, it was fun.

Another thing that was perfect about this guy was that he loved South Park, which, I have to tell you, is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE TELEVISION SHOW YOU MUST WATCH IT AS A PREREQUISITE TO DATING ME.

So one time, we decided to watch South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut movie because it’s awesome. Maybe it was because we were doing all my favourite things, watching south park, lying in bed, cuddling, and randomly punching each other in a never ending game of shot for shot. But, at that moment I decided this guy had served his three month probation and it was time to bone for the very first time. We started making out and eventually were naked, condom ready and doing the deed by the time Terence and Philip began singing “Shut your #&$%ing Face Uncle $(%#er”…it was magical to say the least.

I was instantly addicted and we proceeded to have sex 8 times, at one point Xzibit’s, Choke Me Spank Me Pull my Hair was playing and now my Achilles heal for sexual arousal will forever be that song and South Park. This probably tells you more about me than you will ever need to know.


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