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I Want …

Everything is moving too fast. It’s all shifting at an alarming rate. It’s mind blowing. I want the ability to slow down time. Slow it right down so I can experience every smile, every adventure, every instance of life altering moments.



Brrraaaaaaaiiiinnnnnssssssss ……. This past weekend I happened to walk by the 2012 Zombie walk down by Yonge and Dundas. Now, the concept of zombies have existed for years and years but have shot up in popularity in the past 10 years. A slew of films as well as books, including World War Z, Dawn of […]

Yes this actually happens!!

The Urinal Commandments

I walk up to its heavy and smooth body. Body tense, nerves jittery and a plethora of eyes and foul smells that make me want to resist. But I can’t. I must go to it and release …. The Urinal.

Empty drinks from Bombay Saphire's Artist 2 Artist program event

Art and Alcohol: Bombay Sapphire’s Artist2Artist Program Event

Drinks are delicious. Mix some awesome art pieces in there and you have yourself a very interesting take on some popular drinks. Last week I had the pleasure of attending Bombay Sapphire’s Artist 2 Artist program event at the Glass House Factory. Now lets get things straight, I’m not a “drinker”. Actually pause for a […]