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Lies and the lovers who tell them.

The difference between telling a lie and being dishonest may seem clear to some, for the rest of us it is clear.   There are few things as troubling as those assholes who believe themselves.  Worse still are those misbegotten souls who believe we believe them. Subterfuge and guile gave us mischief.  Bullshit gave us […]


I Want …

Everything is moving too fast. It’s all shifting at an alarming rate. It’s mind blowing. I want the ability to slow down time. Slow it right down so I can experience every smile, every adventure, every instance of life altering moments.

Yes this actually happens!!

The Urinal Commandments

I walk up to its heavy and smooth body. Body tense, nerves jittery and a plethora of eyes and foul smells that make me want to resist. But I can’t. I must go to it and release …. The Urinal.

The Coffee Shop Commandments

Are you one of those people who either : a) lacks internet b) can’t work at home or c) a combination of the above? If so, you’re likely one of the bajillions of people who hit up their local Starbucks/hipster hot spot to get some work done, people watch, etc. While I’m all for this […]

Coming Soon – Artsy Fartsy and She Says, He Says

I understand how Young and Restless we all are, so we’re adding some new editions to the crew. 1.¬†Artsy Fartsy This Friday, Tiffany launch her new art-focused blog. And seeing as Nuit Blanche is on Saturday, why not give you her top picks of the installations/exhibits/weird things to see? Stay tuned for The Young and […]

OMG LOL – #ShitGirlsSay is Back

Need I comment? I think not. YAY Mondays!

An Ode to (Real) Women’s Football – Japan vs. USA

Japan wears red, USA wears blue. These girls played mean footie, watch the playbacks, it’s true!   The stadium these ladies played in. So, over the last 6 months my watching of European football has increased exponentially.¬†This is in part due to the fact that the bf loves it and also that I find the […]