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Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: My First Time

You may already know this, but Young and Restless, my home away from home, where I am allowed to rant off about sex, relationships, dating, and private parts, is holding a wicked awesome launch party in conjunction with the lovely and professionally talented launch of She Wears the Pants.

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: How Style Affects Our Perception of Hotness

So I got the idea to write this while on the subway after work last night, sitting across from two entirely different boys. One wore typical clothing, probably bought at Marks Work Warehouse, the other had Italian leather wing tips, fitted jeans and a super hip hair cut

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: Halloween Hookups

It’s the week before Halloween. This year it lands on a school night, and that means that this weekend is it. The streets will be filled with heroes and whores ready to indulge in flights of fancy that only masquerading as something they’re not allows them to. This time of year is a favourite for […]

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: “I am Machine”

A man’s resilient efforts to get a woman in bed will continue to shock, astound and ultimately, impress me for the rest of my days. Whether it be the suave and sophisticated approach that some men take to wine and dine a lady into the sack, or the steadfast, blunt and honest approach that they continue using […]

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: Getting Lucky in the Real World

Fact: No guy that has hit on me at a club has ever called me and asked me out on a date. Bars? Well…that’s a different story. But ultimately, they all boil down to temporary flings and one night stands. Question: Is there something wrong with people who go to clubs? Answer: Absolutely not, I […]

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: Sex Talk

I was first turned off from dirty talk during sex when someone whispered “I’m going to tear your %*$$^ apart” to me and I proceeded to end things right there and then. There was nothing sexy about the vision of ruining my vagina for every other man to come that came from that sentence. There are […]

Morning Wood w/ Meaghan: Girls Don’t Fart and Other Bullshit Lies

Whichever penis packing douchebag came up with the  girls don’t fart, poop, burp, vomit, sweat, and other normal human bodily functions…is not my friend. Now that I think about it, the amount of girl on girl crime that has been carried out throughout the ages, it was probably some high browed Victorian bitch who came up with the […]