So I got the idea to write this while on the subway after work last night, sitting across from two entirely different boys. One wore typical clothing, probably bought at Marks Work Warehouse, the other had Italian leather wing tips, fitted jeans and a super hip hair cut

If you missed Part 5, click here. Henry smiled like a shark, all teeth and bad fish breath. He quickly realized he would never be able to put this slow building purpose into plot without some help, as any contact with that peanut butter laced device would surely be his undoing.

So, many of you don’t know this and that’s a shame, but, Toronto Eaton Centre has hosted a tribute to local GTA talent every Thursday night for the last eight weeks since September 6, 2012. The event was called, Urban Mic, hosted by Devo Brown (Flow 93.5) and it was hosted in the Urban Eatery…get […]

So lately I’ve been stuck on anything Typeface related. Its like the porn of the design world. So much effort goes into the look of your fonts that it can make or break your final design. Needless to say your whole branding relies on if you choose a serif or sans-serif. I’ve never been one to be […]

If you’re not familiar with Turnt Up, it is the freshest weekly hip hop event to go to right now. Every Thursday, King West goes from suits to #swaggalicious and the city’s hip hop heads throw down at Cheval.

Last night I had my first ever first date. But I’m not sure if that’s true because we were introduced while having drinks with a mutual friend? I don’t know how these things work, I haven’t read Cosmo since I was 14. Regardless, it was a first date. We cooked at his place and it […]

Pomp and Pageantry is one of my fave new stores in T.O. Tucked into a corner of Yorkville, it is one of the few stores in Toronto that doesn’t expect Equipment shirts or J Brand Jeans to be the main selling feature.